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To the fullest extent possible all PDXTI product packaging consists of re-used plastic and/or recycled paper products. The primary source for the plastic used in PDXTI packaging is the endless stream of virgin plastic product packaging, sealed bags of air and envelopes used for shipping, food sacks and bulk bags, et cetera that modern commerce is seemingly addicted to.

As a result, the packaging for your product might seem a bit strange or at the least a bit distressed. We assume, hopefully, that our customers understand and support the rationale behind it.

For certain parts and at certain times when re-used plastic packaging is impractical or unavailable, PDXTI uses recycled paper products.

Our re-use and recycling practices may well be an immeasurable and seemingly futile effort in the name of resource conservation but the are surely a small step in the right direction. If we all do as much as we can, perhaps we can move forward if even slightly. A million small efforts by individuals and small businesses can surely match the meagre progress that a few public policies and mediocre corporate practices have made.

For decades environmentally conscious consumers have demanded more sustainable practices in business and commerce, and for decades we have been offered assurances that technology would eventually solve all of the post consumer waste issues. Yet in 2018 we find a situation where the proliferation of technology has only led to increased rates of fuel consumption and production of virgin plastic while providing almost no gains in recycling capacity with only 9% of plastic recycled globally and wildly, a total abandonment of household plastics recycling in presumably progressive communities.

Literally almost every single piece plastic bag, film, and wrapper our consumer products are distributed in gets dumped in a hole in the ground. Beyond the obvious issues of air pollution, soil degradation, groundwater contamination, and the poisoning of wildlife, landfills are spaces that become unsuitable for recreation, agriculture, wilderness, community development, or any other purpose than dumping trash. Every watt of energy that goes into producing single-use virgin plastic has its own carbon footprint, and its disposal (or lack thereof) has had an immeasurable impact on our lands, waterways, and oceans.

PDXTI respectfully asks our customers to re-use any packaging if possible, and to the fullest extent possible to recycle what is not suitable for re-use.

We are literally all on this planet together.


PDXTI accepts returns on any unopened or unused products within 30 days of purchase. Simply return your order to the address below with a note including the reason for the return, your full name and contact information, and if possible your original order number.

After the return item is received a refunds in the appropriate amount will be applied to the method of payment used for the original purchase within 3 business days and a notice of the refund will be sent to the email address on file. Please allow time for the refund amount to be credited to your account; though generally less, some payment providers take as many as 30 days to issue account credits.

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