PDXTI 12mm-15mm TA // ADAPTER

PDXTI 12mm-15mm TA // ADAPTER


Use a 15mm x 100mm wheel with a 12mm x 100mm thru axle fork. Also easily converts 15mm fork mount bike racks to 12mm thru axle compatibility.
Adapter only. 12mm thru axle not included.
Weight = 9.7 grams (0.3oz).

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The extremely light weight PDXTI 12-15-TA Adapter allows the use of a standard 15mm x 100mm MTB/CX hub/wheel with a 12mm x 100mm thru axle Road/CX fork.

The adapter slides into a 15TA hub, allowing the wheel to be mounted and secured to a 12TA fork.

The adapter also conveniently adapts 15TA fork mount roof/auto racks for use with a 12TA fork. No need to purchase a special 12TA compatible fork mount in addition to the 15TA mounts you already have!



1) Slide 12-15-TA Adapter into 15mm hub.
2) Install wheel into fork as normal.
3) Install 12mm thru axle as normal.

- A thin layer of high quality grease on the outside of the adapter and the outside of the 12mm thru axle are recommended for ease of assembly and to provide an extra moisture barrier.

- Compatible with all 12mm x 100mm forks. Compatible with most 15mm x 100mm hubs; please note that the critical hub dimension is the OD of the end cap, which must be 20mm or smaller. Some newer 'convertible' hubs have larger OD 15mm end caps that will not work with standard 12mm forks; in such cases 12mm end caps may be available.
For several popular models like the DT Swiss 240 OS 15mm hub and the Race Face Turbine and Race Face Aeffect 15mm hubs we offer complete conversion kits including our axle adapter and 12mm fork compatible end caps.
For other hubs with end cap OD greater than 20mm we offer a customization service, including our 12-15-TA adapter, ranging $55-$75. Please inquire about your specific setup.

- Thru axles provide compression of the fork ends where the hub end caps interface with the fork ends. Because all hubs and forks are manufactured by third parties to differing tolerances, to ensure an interference-free fit with all possible combinations the length of the PDXTI 12-15-TA Adapter is just under 100mm.

MATERIAL: 3K precision rolled carbon fiber
DIMENSIONS: 15x12x99 mm
WEIGHT: 9.7g / 0.3oz