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The TRP Hylex hydraulic system is a go-to component. They're light, responsive, reliable, versatile, and good looking brakes. Now they are also a breeze to bleed with the fantastic PDXTI Hylex Bleed Reservoir! 

Developed in house, this simple tool provides the ease and convenience of Shimano's clever reservoir bleed cup with a specially machined adapter fitting for Hylex and other TRP and Tektro hydraulic disc brake systems.

Includes the adapter and bleed cup as shown.


The PDXTI Hylex Bleed Reservoir mounts directly on the lever hood bleed port, replacing the upper syringe in a traditional TRP bleed kit.

PLEASE NOTE: The PDXTI HYLEX BLEED RESERVOIR is designed to work in conjunction with a syringe, hose, approved mineral oil, and other professional bicycle maintenance tools that are not included with this product. These instructions assume the user has a fundamental understanding of how to bleed hydraulic disc brakes. Basic hydraulic brake maintenance tutorials are plentiful online, such as the standard TRP bleed procedure.

::: 1) PREP: Remove brake pads and insert bleed block in caliper. Pull back the brake hoods. Fill a hose and syringe with mineral oil, making sure to push out any air bubbles.

::: 2) ORIENT: For proper bleeding, the lever reservoir must be higher than the brake caliper and level to the ground, and the hose and rear caliper must be vertical and perpendicular to the ground. The preferred method is to rotate the bike to level the lever reservoir and unbolt the rear caliper to hang vertically in the upright position.

::: 3) Remove caliper bleed screw and attach the hose/syringe full of fluid.

::: 4) Remove the lever bleed screw and attach the plastic bleed cup via the threaded PDXTI HYLEX aluminum adapter fitting. When the bleed cup is in place with the o-ring compressed, remove the center plunger from the bleed cup to open the system at the highest point.

::: 5) Slowly push fluid from the caliper syringe up through the system, gently tapping the caliper and brake line up to the lever to vibrate loose any bubbles stuck in the system.

Mineral oil should begin filling the bleed cup; the more use the brake has seen since the last bleed the darker the fluid filling the cup will be. Continue pushing fluid through the system until the mineral oil filling the plastic bleed cup at the lever is the same color as the mineral oil being pushed in at the caliper. Be sure to stop pushing before the syringe is fully empty.

If it is necessary to refill the syringe during the bleed process, insert the plunger in the center of the bleed cup to close the system so no fluid escapes. Once a fresh syringe is attached at the caliper, remove the cup's center plunger and slowly continue pushing fluid, stopping before the syringe is fully empty.

::: 6) Once the system is filled with fresh fluid, squeeze the lever several times to circulate the fluid in the master cylinder and lever body reservoir and free any remaining bubbles at the top of the system. For particularly stubborn systems, leave the plastic bleed cup installed with the plunger out for several hours. When all air bubbles have escaped, insert the plastic reservoir cup's center plunger to close the system at the top.

::: 7) With the plastic reservoir cup still attached and closed, remove the syringe from the caliper and replace the caliper bleed screw. Once the caliper end of the system is closed, remove the PDXTI HYLEX BLEED RESERVOIR cup from the lever and replace the lever bleed screw.

::: 8) Clean up and go ride!