Glitter Cannon REN Waypoint frame finish

This was a fun re/finishing project on a 1st generation REN Waypoint frame that was being retired from the REN show/demo bike fleet. One of the fantastic things about titanium is that it can be refinished relatively quickly and with great results, and so this OG 2014 Waypoint was scheduled for a refresh and a new parts kit.

The only artistic direction given for the refinishing was something about being or not being a "glitter cannon" and that was enough to form a concept. The frame was brushed up to a clean, bright finish, then anodized and etched to achieve the vibrant rainbow tones and spiraling pattern. After what seemed like an eon of weeding and unmasking this beauty was ready for a headbadge and build up before heading off its forever home as an all-arounder and winter/commuting bike.

Very into the dialed no-nonsense black on black component kit with those black @PDW fenders that are on point!