SSCX REN Ivan frame

PDXTI race team single speed hero and Oregon "single-speedo" legend #Sethro's personal race bike was a fun finishing project from September 2017. Mixing his personal iconography with the PDXTI logo motif and a basic pattern in complimentary colors gave this bike a little of everything while keeping a classic, almost subtle overall vibe. 


Oregon native Seth Patla isn't just a REN Brand Ambassador, he's also a friend and a highly decorated bike racer. In fact it was Seth's profound love of single speed cyclocross (SSCX) that led us to develop our legendary IVAN model with a dedicated compatibility with Gates Carbon Drive belts. Seth loves the belt drive so much that he's a Brand Ambassador for Gates too!
Whether commuting to work, weekending routes all across Oregon, or racing with the PDXTI team, Seth puts in thousands of miles on the bike every year, doing things like winning back to back SSCX Champion honors at the Sea Otter Classic and finishing #1 Overall in the OBRA CX GP Series. He gets noticed. We wanted him to have a personal bike that would be up to getting all that attention, with nods to his love of golden flowers and the rich history of cyclocross racing in Flanders, Belgium. We are darn pleased with how well his SSCX race bike turned out, a real gem when polished but truly at home in the mud!